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19 - They/ThemUAH '25 - Art Studio Major, Creative Writing MinorArtist and Storyteller
My BF's Carrd: @jvststaples

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Discord Servers

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📚The Great Mystery Athenaeum☕

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The Great Mystery Athenaeum is a library / light academia themed art and writing server forming a safe community for creators. Owned and operated by writer and artist starhuntersolar and co owned by artist jvststaples, the server is great for hanging out and sharing your writing, art, characters, and more!
By joining, you gain access to:
☕ Chill, Safe, Nontoxic Community
☕ PluralKit for Systems and Tupperbox for others
☕ Art and Writing Sharing Channels
☕ Plenty of Game Bots
☕ We're Currently Accepting Partnerships!
Ages: 13-18+
We'd love to see you there!
☕ Invite Link:

☁️ Starhunter's Library 🧸

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₊˚꒰⑅ᐢ. ֑ .ᐢ꒱ Welcome to Starhunter's Library! ꒷꒦₊˚ฅ
₊˚꒦꒷︶꒷꒦˚⊹ ˚꒷︶ଓ₊˚︶꒷꒦˚⊹
﹕˖⁺🍰꒱﹕This is a server dedicated entirely to help writer and artist duo starhuntersolar and jvststaples build a community around our works, from webnovels to webcomics! We have channels for our main works and will be using this to help build an audience! If you're interested in helping a small writer and artists create a community for their works, come join us!﹕˖⁺🍰꒱﹕We offer. . . ╭˚˳⊹꒰A few lounging and discussion channels꒷꒥˚₊
┊₊˚૮Cute softer aesthetic and emotes!꒷꒥˚₊
┊₊˚૮Updates for our works!꒷꒥˚₊
╰˚˳⊹꒰Closer looks at our WIPs (including our future works)!꒷꒥˚₊
₊˚ɷ🌸ฅ︰Invite :

Pronouns, Flags, and Identities

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  • They/Them = ♥

  • Ey/Em = ♥

  • He/Him = NO.

  • She/Her = NO.

  • It/Its = NO.


  • No Honorific = ♥

  • Mx. = Good!

  • Mir. = Good!

  • Mr. = Friends Joking

  • Sir = Friends Joking

  • Ms. = NO.

  • Ma'am = NO.

  • Madam = NO.

Compliments / Relationships

  • Pretty = ♥

  • Cute = If Close

  • Handsome = NO.

  • Hot = NO.

  • Sexy = NO.


  • Partner = ♥

  • Boyfriend = NO.

  • Girlfriend = NO.

  • Husband = NO.

  • Wife = NO.

  • Darling = Friends Joking

  • Beloved = If Close

  • Boo = If Close

Other Words

  • Person = ♥

  • Buddy = If Close / Joking

  • Dude = Joking

  • Man = Joking

  • Boy = Joking

  • Bro = Joking

  • Woman = NO.

  • Lady = NO.

  • Girl = NO.

  • Sis = NO.




*Many of these identities I use to better explain how I wish to express my gender / how my brain works with certain experiences. If you're curious, you can view articles by clicking on each flag.


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Primary ID

  1. Dr. Teddy Quinn (OCkin, DnD Campaign) ♥

You can call me by any name listed in this section!

╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹


  1. Kell Aeris (DnD Campaign - @jvststaples)

  2. Yusuke Kitagawa (Persona 5)

  3. Carlos the Scientist (WTNV)

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Listed from strongest connection to weakest

Commission Info

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╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹

Starting Information

I accept Paypal or Ko-fi Only*

  • Slot 1: Open

  • Slot 2: Open

  • Slot 3: Open

Commissions must be paid 100% Upfront.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹Refunds may be requested if I have not started significant work. If I am unable to complete your commission for any reason, I will also offer a refund.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹Invoices will be sent via Paypal or via Ko-fi.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹I also reserve the right to turn down any commission I do not feel comfortable completing.

*On an occasional rare basis, I may accept other forms of payment by choice, i.e., advertising for something else (trade, nitro, etc.) This is by my own volition, and unless a request is made while I'm actively searching for said payment, any payment other payment will not be accepted.

Will Do

  • OCs

  • DnD Characters

  • Fanart

  • Couples

  • Slightly Suggestive Work (Lingerie, certain poses, etc.)

Won't Do

  • Serious / Heavy / Explicit NSFW

  • Heavy Gore (Blood is fine!)

  • Furries, Animals, or Anthro (I need more practice is all! Please be patient <3)

  • Mecha

  • Anything Offensive, Hateful, or that I'm not personally comfortable with

Feel free to ask for any specifications!

Pricing (USD)

BustHalf BodyFull Body

Prices subject to change based on detail.
(+$2-$5 for extreme detail)
╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹Additional Characters = +$5╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹Complex Background: +$5Simple Solid Color / Patterned BGs Included

╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹

Commission Examples

♥ Busts ♥

♥ Half Bodies ♥

♥ Full Bodies ♥


If you're ready to buy, I take commissions via DM or Ko-fi! You can find the Ko-fi here, and my other forms of contact below:
Ko-fi Commissions

Thank you for considering! It means the world to me that you support small artists! ♥

Commission Terms of Service

╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹

Starting Information

All orders will be placed through DMs or continue via DMs where discussion would be easiest.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹I shouldn't take longer than a month to complete a commission; however, if something were to arise that I go past that time limit without significant progress, a refund may be requested.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹By purchasing my service as an artist, you agree to the following terms:

I, The Artist:

  • Reserve the right to turn down any commissions that I do not feel comfortable completing, or that break any rules.

  • Reserve the right to post the commissioned work in my portfolios and watermarked on socials.

  • Retain copyrights of the commissioned piece itself, NOT the intellectual property within said piece.

You, The Client:

  • May use the commissioned piece on your website/social media with credit.

  • May NOT use the commissioned piece to make profits by reselling the piece in ANY form.

  • May NOT alter the commissioned artwork in any way without my, as the creator's, permission.

Major Notice

I DO NOT and WILL NOT work with anyone who peddles or uses NFTs, wants to use my work AS an NFT, etc.I hate them. If you work with / believe in / sell / buy NFTs, your business is not welcome here. ♥If you're curious why, please research this. I am not a free source of information. I simply will not offer my services to anyone from any of those fields.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I write this out to be sure that you, as the consumer, know what to expect going forward and to help make things as smooth as possible.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹As I said before, I am willing to discuss further about any concerns or questions that you may have before purchasing my services.╰╮ ˚₊✎-︵ ☕︰੭˚⊹

Commission Queue

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